Happy New Year in HongKong!!!

Though 8 days have passed since 2014 came,
I write about 2013 and my ambition of 2014.

The end of September in 2013, I came to China&Shenzhen.
It was big change for me to live in foreign country not my home country Japan.
And also, it was good challenge for me to work in foreign country.

In 2014, I will make a decision.

I'm going to travel many countries in the world!
It must be a big challenge for me, but I'm going to achieve it definitely.

“I'm never afraid of. 
Because I was born to make something in this world.”
  by Hideo Noguchi(Japanese bacteriologist, 1876-1928)

Clockenflap 2013

The music&entertainment festival 

”Clockenflap 2013”

was held on 30th November.

It was awesome and amazing performances!

It is worth going at least once.

Glass Ialand!!!

On Dec 28th,
we went to Glass island which is located in 

northeast on Hong Kong.

It was surrounded by lots of nature~

And funny guys, good weather.

It was really fun.

This was good memory as a end of 2013!!!